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The organization of the future in today?

The intention to improve is there in you - because everyone wants to be useful, create even more value, and do everyday work with more joy and more flow experience.

We provide a platform that invites you to think together, where you can get inspiration and guidance, where your desire to improve can find space - and through this you can become an even better team.

A new era of leadership
5 suitable company meetups

What would it take for everyone in the company to "look in the same direction"? How can everyone bear so much responsibility that generates development? How can trust and control be increased at the same time? How to grow commercially to remain humane? What else could we do for financial-environmental-social sustainability?

The 5 x 2-hour meetup series provides answers to these questions as well, with which the management of a given company or even the entire team can be addressed. Because of the privacy, these expert lectures are interactive - this helps to really develop a common denominator.


Details of the meetup program

Duration : 5 sessions, 2 hours duration

Location : company internal location (external location also possible on request)

Recommended group of participants: entire management and, if possible, as many team members as possible

Speakers : Dr. Balázs Karafiáth and Barbara Fatér-Polai

Price : HUF 1,200,000 (+VAT)/company


You can count on that

  • presentation of organizational models that already work well in the international business space (Conscious Capitalism, Teal, Tribal leadership) - tailored to Hungarian tastes

  • comprehensive system + good examples + stories and exercises = complete understanding

  • safe space: only members of the given company are present, so comments, ideas, insights can be freely shared

  • common, team-level understanding of what perspectives and opportunities are available to you

  • shared experience, excellent opportunity to connect

  • constructive space where everything is aimed at: "how could this be even better?" THE

It will be especially useful for you if

  • development is important to you

  • the team is good, but sometimes the common denominator seems to be missing

  • you want to create a "future-proof" company

  • it is important for you to do good for business, people and the environment

  • you are happy to discuss new ideas together, you like to lead development cooperatively

  • you want to start 2024 with new energy, and an opportunity that gives you more than a pizza party would be good for that

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