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More Value, More Joy
Company development based on value creation and wellbeing

You can build a company with persistence and hard work. However, there comes a point where it is no longer possible to improve with just more, even harder work. What distinguishes a brave, conscious company manager from others is that he notices organizational symptoms in time and recognizes the need to level up. In this way, you "save" years and decades for yourself and your company, since by raising the entire system, you leave the treadmill behind. 

How can you recognize that your company is ready for leveling up?

It is typical for companies on the verge of leveling up that the CEO and executives are overburdened and almost constantly stressed. A common reason for this is that they cannot spend their time on what is really their strength, with which they could create the greatest value. 

Pulling apart within the team and strengthening of individual interests show that there is a lack of a real unifying force, a "compass", a common corporate goal. 

Withholding information, hostility, conflicts stiffened in constant tension, and "it's not my business" attitude are common in teams that are about to level up. 

The result of the above is constant "combat readiness", increasing costs (especially marketing, recruitment, customer service) and decreasing profitability, low profit. 

These are natural processes and appear in some form in every growing company! The problem starts when these symptoms are ignored by management. 


Due to the slowly changing Hungarian business environment and outdated paradigms, it is highly likely that the problems cannot be solved without the support of external experts. 

If your company has the symptoms above, that's a good sign! It means that you are about to level up and you have already taken the most important step, i.e. you have recognized the need for change. 

What waits you on the next level

With the help of the More Value More Joy program, you will enter a company every day that stands on such strong pillars:

More Value More Joy upgrade program

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Level step audit

A company's greatest development potential is hidden behind organizational blockages . What is preventing you from achieving further success?


With the level-up audit, you will receive answers to the most important questions in a few weeks: where is our company actually? What heights can we reach? How can we get there?

The audit initiates the leveling of the organization with innovative efficiency.

Get to know the details by clicking the download button:

The methods used in the program are already being used with success


Audi Academy




How More Value, More Joy   gives more than standard company development

  • Profit & People: the program is composed in such a way as to simultaneously increase business efficiency and the well-being of the company manager, management and team members - we believe that the two factors (Value&Joy) can only work well together. 

  • Tailored for everyday use: every element of the program serves to make everyday work easy and value-creating - we don't produce pretty pictures or unmemorable creeds for accounts. 

  • Growth energy: we believe that value creation will be greatest if we do not treat people as machines, but instead give space to creative and growth energies.

  • MinMax - minimum investment, maximum result: the program includes everything that is necessary for a successful and  sustainable it is necessary to step up to the corporate level - constantly keeping in mind that it costs as little as possible in terms of cost and time 

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