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Conscious Leadership Course

In a leadership course, you will receive the tools with which you can create a focus on value creation, a commitment to common goals and a joyful, constructive atmosphere in your team.

What makes you a better leader?

You're a pretty good leader. You got to where you are with a lot of work and perseverance.
But we created this course because you deserve to find something else in your work besides the feelings of efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Connection - a better connection to common goals, to your colleagues, to yourself.

  • Ease - more and more flow, the joy of creating value, the potential inherent in conscious presence.

  • Adventure - the possibilities arising from curiosity and the power of acting from the zone of genius.

What makes being on your team better?

In a team operating at a higher level of awareness:

  • The focus is on value creation and solutions .

  • Real connection to common goals creates commitment .

  • Instead of shirking responsibility, a student mindset prevails.

  • A constructive, joyful atmosphere and a sense of flow define everyday life.

What does the Conscious Leadership online course provide?

During the 6 suitable courses , you will receive 2 management tools each time : an awareness (or coach approach) tool and a management method. Your conscious leadership toolkit is made up of these , with which you can elevate your team from the level of awareness of victim and "trampling" to the level of courageous implementation (power) and flow .

Featured topics of the course:

  • Levels of awareness in the body - how you can recognize and raise it

  • Value-creating responsibility - how to internalize it in the entire team

  • Establishing a real connection - a management toolkit for joyful and effective meetings

  • Increasing the level of flow in everyday tasks

  • High-level communication (value-creating feedback, 1:1 meetings, constructive point of view collision)

  • Implementation of a conscious leadership presence

Opportunity to participate

From September 12 to November 21

6 sessions - every two weeks on Thursdays 13:00-15:00

Online workshop sessions (Zoom)

Early bird participation fee: HUF 150,000 (+VAT)

Participation fee after August 15: HUF 200,000 (+VAT)

The price includes everything you can use to realize conscious driving:

  • Practical, immediately applicable knowledge

  • PDF workbook

  • Peer mentoring

  • Interactive sessions, rewatchable recordings

  • Community support

  • A 60-minute individual consultation with Balázs or Barbi

Why will you be able to level up with this course?

  • Instead of "symptom treatment", you get a mindset-level understanding , since behavior alone cannot be controlled - it is only the tip of the iceberg. However, by understanding the levels of awareness , you will understand the cause of a conflict within a team and you will know what leadership tool to use to solve it and focus on the solution.

  • Proven methodology : Dr. Balázs Karafiáth has been helping managers and entrepreneurs to level up for more than 25 years. We put the essence of coaching and leadership methods into this course, which have been helping managers create a more joyful and productive work environment for decades at the international level (e.g. Conscious Leadership, Integral Coaching, etc.).

  • Leadership experience: we not only learned, but also experienced as leaders what it's like to bring one change through our own team.


hour of conscious leadership coaching


Hungarian leader in the mastermind group


conscious shift realized in the company

This course is for you if

  • as a leader, it is important for you that efficiency and well-being grow together

  • you want to use the results of your own self-development in your managerial work

  • you want the results to come faster, but accompanied by good feelings and positive energy

  • you see that most workplace problems stem from egoistic patterns and

  • you are looking for solutions with which you can lead your team from the heart, kindly, yet effectively


Yes, I would like the tools with which I can create value creation focus, commitment to common goals and a joyful, constructive atmosphere in my team.

Gratulálunk a jelentkezéshez!

The participation fee is settled by bank transfer. We will send the necessary information to the specified email address.

If you have any questions, contact us here:

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