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Conscious Leadership Coaching

You already have the leader you want to become.

As a leader with character, you don't just want to finish the quarter either. You know it's about more, but maybe you haven't even been able to define for yourself what "more" is.


You have the leader in you, who is present in his roles with his whole being.


You have it in you to fill your life and business abundantly with happy money - that is, money that makes you feel good about yourself and with which you can generate real value creation.


You have the leader in you who follows his mission of creating value and not just "doing something that brings money".


You have the leader in you who works from his genius and only takes on tasks where he is in flow, creating value from the energies of curiosity, adventure and connection.


You have that new-generation leader who doesn't lead from control (punishment-reward), but keeps the framework as a chieftain, where team members are driven by internal motivation.


You have the leader in you who helps your people to step into their own responsibility and thereby grow.


I am Dr. Balázs Karafiáth, and I already see this leader in you. I see in you the person who can access their full potential and make this world a better place.

I also see the path you must follow. As a Sherpa, I can be by your side, showing you the way and giving you tools.

But you have to step on the road, you have to want the change.

What do I bring?

  • more than 1000 hours of purpose and executive coaching experience

  • international methodologies: True Purpose®, Inter-Change Coaching and Counseling ​, TheoryU – innovation methodology, Integral Coach – ACC/IFC

  • 25 years of entrepreneurial experience

  • 20 years of self-awareness and awareness and mentoring experience

When do you join?

If you are a leader who is used to the untraveled road. Who doesn't fit into categories and cards. Those who are constantly looking for ways to manifest their inner flame into external value creation.

If the potential stretches you, but your hands are in "golden handcuffs". You feel that you are meant to have a big impact, but in the current situation you don't see the "how".

If you are a conscious leader who sees the glass ceiling of your team and knows that the solution is hidden in unlocking your personal blockages.


If you are a leader who has achieved everything so far, but now you are caught between two dreams. If you have everything, where is the happy contentment?

This is how change happens

  • good life good work: we coordinate the different areas of your life

  • we uncover and unlock the limiting points of view behind concrete leadership blockages

  • the level of awareness is constantly rising

    • deepening mindfulness and meditation practices

    • treatment of stress and overload

    • deepening conscious presence

  • establishment of quality connections

Choose an Executive Sherpa package!

If you feel the call after reading the lines above, then it is probably time to choose yourself and create a more authentic reality for yourself. Whichever package you choose, for the duration of the program we will work on achieving your goals in one 50-minute individual online session per week.

The next step is to book a Discovery Call

The first contact is the Discovery Call, in which we reveal whether this program will really be the best solution for you. Here we discuss what questions you have, what experiences you have, what your goals are, and what obstacles you perceive. We both decide how we want to work together in the next 3/6 months.

50 minutes of such a conversation is free of charge and without obligation. We will move on when a mutual "big YES" appears in us.

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