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Value-based company development, where profit and well-being grow together 

Follow the joy of value creation!

Development for successful and happy organizations

There comes a point in the life of every business where it is no longer enough to "roll the bike faster". Long-term, sustainable business success cannot be based on overworked managers and an overburdened, unmotivated team. 

The foundation of successful companies is provided more by the following: 

  • purpose that invites to connect

  • effective and balanced leaders

  • constantly developing team

  • and value-creating, abundance-attracting operation. 

In order to implement these and embed them in everyday work, it is necessary to level up the whole company culture. 

We support this transformation with our experienced experts and new methods. 

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You can build a company with persistence and hard work. However, there comes a point where it is no longer possible to improve with just more, even harder work. The vast majority of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises struggle with organizational "symptoms": disunity, stressed and overburdened top management, rising costs, tension within the team, hostility, constant "readiness to fight". 


A brave, conscious company manager is distinguished from others by the fact that he notices the symptoms in time and recognizes the need to level up. In this way, you "save" years and decades for yourself and your company, since by raising the level of awareness of the entire system, you leave the treadmill behind. 

If you are interested in how to implement an operation that creates value and well-being, request your free consultation appointment:

Follow the joy of value creation

Take the path where business results and well-being increase simultaneously, both individually and at the team level. Choose from the options below and request a free consultation. 

 Company development based on value creation

Choose the next level for yourself, for your company and for your team

A program that contains all the tools that can be used to raise value creation to the next level. Built-in management training, "job crafting", flow and value-based process optimizations, or other elements of the program ensure that profit and workplace well-being grow together every day.  

Interim Change Management

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Spend 1 day  In Flow and effectively

Cooperation development and starting a learning organization. Enjoy yourself and gain insight into how value creation and Joy reinforce each other. Interactive,  With Fun&Flow workshops, you can take a big step towards a better operation. Optional focus: Innovation or Conflict Management. 

Executive and Purpose Coaching

Connect with yourself and the essence of your business

Leaders who are clear about their purpose easily inspire others. Would you like to create from your genius, really follow your own path and create the most?  on 1:1 occasions  you will receive personalized, expert support on your leadership journey. 

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