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Energized, dynamic team to achieve growth goals

System-level flow, learning mindset, energizing responsibility and commitment to common goals among all members of your team - what do you think you could achieve with such a team?

I will give you the knowledge for this. Now you decide how long and with what intensity you want to raise the operation to the next level.

Instead of manual control, think in a system

As a manager, would you like to have an enthusiastic, committed team behind you, and not have to push for the results?

Introduce the system-level solutions that can sustain the team's momentum and enthusiasm, and make everyday implementation smooth - thus making your boldest goals attainable.

  • Strategy activation : goal planning and implementation so that everyone is committed (OKR, job crafting, meeting structure)

  • Creation of a vision-driven, value-based, high-performance AND joyful company culture (Values-behaviour consolidation, feedback system, retro, 1:1 etc..)

  • Making middle managers responsible (Conscious leadership)

  • Creation of scene zones (Flow-based job design)


When can I create extra high value for you?

  • if you want to create an environment in which even your best employees plan for the long term

  • if you, as a leader, have already started your own self-development journey (coaching, therapy, retreat, etc.) and want to integrate this new mindset into the operation of your team

  • if the momentum and cohesion of the team has decreased due to growth, a hybrid work schedule, or other changes

  • if, as a leader, you expect more commitment, more support and enthusiasm from the team

  • if there has been too much firefighting for a while

  • if you devoted less of the managers' time to operational tasks and more to strategic tasks

Lead loan
- Permanent solution

This is what Interim Change Management is all about

​You get an experienced leader who brings the knowledge and framework to raise the team's energy level to the level needed to achieve growth goals. In contrast to external consulting, as an Interim Change Manager, as the representative of the CEO, I participate more intensively in the life of the company, so much more targeted solutions are implemented.


  • combines the advantages of an external consultant and an internal manager

  • international know-how is organically integrated into the operation of the company
  • CEO support for managing a more complex organizational and company culture transformation (for which traditional HR or operational managers usually do not have the tools)

  • cost-efficient

  • scalable

  • limited in time: 3 months - 1 year

Interim Change Management options

Take advantage of the partial manager's biggest advantage: you decide with what intensity the organizational level increase should be achieved! 30-60-90% of the manager's working time can be borrowed, which in all cases includes the planning, implementation, consolidation and follow-up of the desired changes.

Each package includes: full expert know-how, contact with team members and managers, necessary workshops and trainings, monthly min. 2h management report, audit, online/offline presence ratio as agreed, necessary workbooks, other WS materials, background work.


From HUF 500,000

Ideal for organizational fine-tuning (e.g. developing a learning mindset) or for smaller team sizes. This 12 hours a week is a good starting point even if you don't foresee the extent of the necessary changes.

The price does not include travel and accommodation costs.


From HUF 900,000

Complex changes (e.g. vision creation, OKR, conscious leadership introduction) can also be implemented at a good pace in 24 hours a week.

It can be reduced to 30% in the last stage of leveling.

In addition to travel and accommodation costs, the price includes the full expert contribution of the MVMJ team.


From HUF 1.2M

I recommend it for intensive, rapid changes in time for those teams that can handle dynamic progress. It is strongly recommended in the case of a workforce of over 60 people or work at several locations.

The price also includes a two-week group coaching package.

This is how change happens
- guidelines

For me, the goal is to get your team to the level where there is no need for an external facilitator as soon as possible. Therefore, all cooperation takes place as follows:

  • Effectively - in terms of costs, time required from your team and all other resources. We only do what you really need and as efficiently as possible.

  • Simply - for easy transition, we start with v1.0 versions first. We work with existing software and capabilities.

  • Sustainably - you get tools and a framework with which you can keep the enthusiasm and commitment of the team at a high level yourself without an external facilitator.

  • Mindset-level change - the success or failure of an organizational change depends on the level of awareness and mindset with which it is implemented. I bring the best international practices to raise the awareness level of the team and managers.

Discover the potential of your team

Book a free Discovery Call appointment by clicking the button so that we can discuss what opportunities leveling up would unlock for your organization.

This is how change happens
- guidelines

Szervezeti szintlépés tervezése, levezénylése, stabilizálása​

Vízióvezérelt működés, Value and Joy cégkultúra kialakítás

Teljes csapat és vezetőség felkészítése

Stakeholder (win-win) szemlélet kialakítás

Conscious Leadership, Zone of Genius, Flow - Job crafting Workshopok (nem interim management)

Nem én vagyok a jó választás, ha ezekre keresel embert:

Operatív HR vagy szakmai feladatok átvétele

Különálló projektek menedzselése

Csak egyes csapattagok "megszerelése"

Shareholder ("profit only") megoldások

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