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Next event: Online Leadership Masterclass

The formula of a conscious company culture

Create a culture of cooperation , value-creating flow and responsibility instead of shirking responsibility, separation and stress

Thursday, April 25, 2024 17:00-18:00 Zoom

Topics of the masterclass:

  • Map to a better operation: levels of awareness in the organization

  • As a leader, this is how you deal with egoistic behaviors

  • This is how you can free a colleague stuck in the role of victim, get the team used to taking responsibility instead of avoiding it and start the learning mindset

  • Value creation focus, adaptability, innovation: a guide to consolidating a conscious company culture

The application comes with a free value map (organizational awareness model).

Hosts: Dr. Balázs Karafiáth and Barbara Fatér-Polai

Conscious Leadership Masterclass.png

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